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POS Materials Specialist


We are a POS factory specialising in the production and sales of point-of-sale marketing and campaign materials.



EmersonTEN was chosen as the most successful printing house in Estonia 2017 by the Estonian newspaper Äripäev. EmersonTEN has been twice number 2 on the list, but the company is really happy that after many years of hard work we are now rewarded with the first place in the printing category.


Emerson Ten OÜ is an international leading specialist, in the production and distribution of  point-of-sale marketing and campaign materials. Our factories are located in Estonia allowing us to serve customers throughout Europe. We currently distribute to 12 different countries. 

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EmersonTEN – the POINT OF SALES Factory, is specialized on producing the best Display & POS materials in Europe.

Emerson Group’s annual turnover is about 5.0 M €.

Our production facility is located in Estonia to serve customers from all over Europe. The company has its own sales offices in Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm & Barcelona and with resellers and sales agents all around Europa, we cover the whole European market.

Our production facility in Vôhma, Estonia:

  • We use digital flatbed printing machines that represents the latest technology with the maximum printing area of 3200 x 2000 mm and printing speed is of approximately from 40 – 500m2 an hour, depend of product and print quality.

  • In our roll printer we manufacture a wide range of wobblers, stickers, magnet signs and floor graphics , small accessories to an entire POS campaign.

  • Our after-treatment devices serve all the modern needs and quantities varying from one unit to tens of thousands.

  • Our digital technology has enabled us to manufacture to small quantities industrially. We are also able to customise and personalise large sets without a significant cost increase.

  • You can order products when needed. It is not always necessary to buy products in stock to achieve the volume advantage. A good example of this can be considered as its own Eazzy® displays. We produce those monthly about 20,000 pieces, when the entire series are from one to a few thousands.

Mass customisation is now possible also in the printing industry, offering more possibilities to everyone!

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We at Emerson10 are committed to ensuring not only our operation, however the worlds outlook on the environment remains clear, and our end goal of achieving net carbon 0 by 2030. We continue to invest in greener energy & materials for our operations. We have recently received a grant from the Environmental Investment Centre to improve our energy efficiency with solar panels and more efficient machines, allowing us to not only cut emissions however also doubling are production capacity

The company is not using child labour, forced and compulsory labour and ensures that there is no discrimination in their company. Also company is respecting their emloyees freedom of association and effective right to collective bargaining.


With the support from NextGenerationEU we will implement resource saving measures: a digital printing centre, a pop-up line, LED lights and a solar power plant.

The goal is to make production more resource efficient by increasing production capacity and improving the ability to meet large export orders.

As a result of the project we expect to achieve resource efficiency gains in key resources, to minimise production waste, to produce up to 50% of our own electricity, to increase printing capacity and to automate the assembly of pop-ups.

The amount of the grant: € 494 056,18.”