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Eazzy Box Displays offer You a broad range of easy, affordable and lightweight solutions for displaying Your brand. With our unique box design, You can build walls, towers, counter-top displays, hanging mobiles… with no tools or special skills needed.


Ideal for sales, promotions and changing seasons, so You can easily update your BOXDISPLAY by substituting one or more modules, keeping Your basic message and brand identity the same. By using the standard sections, You can easily create new designs.

Easy Assembly

BOXDISPLAYS are a snap to assemble. Just pop open each section. It’s easy and fast to create towers, walls, mobiles, etc.… In minutes Your BOXDISPLAY P-O-P display is up. And it is both lightweight and sturdy, so it can be easily moved for cleaning.

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 18.14.54.png

Great value

With BOXDISPLAY Your image and message will be seen by everyone – front, back and edges.

High strength e-flute corrugated board (30% stronger than standard grades), plus our special inks and UV coating provide a longer floor-life than typical P-O-P displays.

Each BOXDISPLAY is packed flat in a protective lightweight carton so they are easy to carry and ship.

Custom options

We offer a system of elements from which You can create customised designs, like brochure holders and shelves.

We also offer accessories and special die-cuts to further customise of Your displays and meet your needs.

Are You looking for a smart, affordable and flexible display solution?

Well, Boxdisplay Kit might be just what You are looking for. Three boxes with six different images, a set of connectors and easily understandable user-manual allow You to combine the boxes as you like!

These three boxes can be transformed into one tower, mobile, marquee or a vertically hanging mobile.

The Boxdisplay Kit is made of the best quality carton. We also pay a lot of attention to the packaging. The extensive set of connectors is packed separately. A clear user-manual is also enclosed.

Available sizes: 50 x 50 cm – 50 x 67 cm – 50 x 30 cm / 70 x 100 cm – 70 x 30 cm

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