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We design and produce store displays in accordance with customer needs, from campaign displays to permanent solutions. We have several ready-made standard models, which can generally be used to meet most needs. If we do not have a suitable one, we will make it. There is always a solution.

The displays can be delivered directly to the stores pre-assembled and stocked in accordance with the distribution list. With the modern technologies, we can produce displays on demand without the customer needing to tie up any capital on the storage of displays in order to achieve volume discounts.

All of our displays are printed in a large format digital industrial printer (160 x 320 cm) directly on the corrugated cardboard and we cut it with our modern CAD machine. You will avoid big starting costs because of this and we can therefore offer You a cost effective display with a very short delivery time.

Design and function is very important when we develop Your display. Our digital print gives You the opportunity to print different editions on every single display for different season campaigns as for example Christmas and Easter – for a cost effective price.

Eazzy Product Display

Each display is customised to Your product. It can have 1-6 shelves or with hooks or a combination – just for Your need. You can mount and pack the display in you warehouse with a transport cap and distribute it to Your shop.

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